Due Diligence Audit

Due Diligence Audit in UAE is rapidly growing with the current economic strength.
Averyx Group provides comprehensive Due Diligence Audit Services.
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Due Diligence Audit

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We specialize in all kinds of audits including due diligence audit, assurance in identifying potential opportunities, and risks are guaranteed with our broad knowledge and experience in providing due diligence audits.

Make the best investment decision in choosing a team that could never go wrong with you.

Never go wrong with our due diligence audit, we can help you assess the financial performance of your business, understand its earning potential, and determine management competence.

Benefits of Due Diligence Audit

  • Improves the company’s reputation
  • Due diligence report acts as a risk assessment tool for the business
  • Discovers any hidden information about the company

There are investors that are willing to invest but are very keen on ensuring they are putting their investment in the right business. The strong financial growth has garnered investors thus increasing demand for due diligence audit is practiced.

Due diligence audit is performed by the company of the potential product or investment being planned by it. It reviews all the financial records maintained by the organization. It is a final precaution measure undertaken before entering into an agreement for a pioneering product with another party.

There are different types of Due Diligence namely:

  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Process Centered
  • Operational Due Diligence
  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Information Technology Due Diligence
  • Human Resources Due Diligence

Overview of Due Diligence Process

  • Period of Engagement – All terms and conditions are laid out, discussed and signed
  • Operational Analysis – Important information is collected, analyzed, evaluated and documented
  • Financial Scrutiny – The organization’s financial statements are gathered, examined and documented for the remainder of the process
  • Reporting – The result of the process is evaluated, reviewed by the buyer or client

Due diligence audit summarizes the evaluation of the information, interpretation of the information, and further communication to the investor about the results. It shouldn’t take more than 90 days. It is focused on forecasted financial performances and always based on the agreement with the client. These will give the investors the security blanket they need before going to invest and will get the right value for their investments.

With the rising demand for these services, it will create more opportunities in the country. Due Diligence audit services provided only by reputed audit firms in the UAE. We have worked with investors and helped in their decision making. Your time and money are as valuable as your effort. We will help you to get the most out of your investments and get returns that you desire.

Our due diligence audit services will provide you with clear information with regards to your business transactions and have access to accurate due diligent records on risk management to empower your business. A detailed follow-up to any inquiries that you will have to face when you make a difficult decision and we will be there to provide our unwavering support.

Our vast experience in providing due diligence services in the UAE helped shape who we are now. We are one call away, contact us for any due diligence services in UAE.


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