Financial Statement

Auditing is an important aspect of any business especially in making important
decisions based on the financial condition of a business.
A company that passed a rigorous examination by auditors can give bankers,
suppliers, investors, and potential merger partners a sense of trust,
good business practice, and accountability.

Financial Statement Audit

Services in UAE

The Averyx Group audit approach is based on the client’s requirement and its industry in which they operate, its organizational structure and its internal control processes.

Our audit practice provides auditing services that have been used by a vast number of businesses in different industries from startups to multinational corporations operating across the UAE economic scale. We create detailed areas of specialization and exploit economies of spectrum.

Our industry experience has garnered us trust and loyalty from our partners. We add value in every client by accessing what risk points and highlighting practices ideas for improving controls. Our methodology is based on up-to-date and industry-focused services. Our team is built up of diverse individuals that specialize in different industries that give you professional, effective and efficient services while ensuring uniformity and consistency.

Here in UAE, our sector-specific teams include the following:

  • Financial Services
  • Infrastructure, government, and healthcare
  • Consumer and industrial markets
  • Technology, media, and telecommunications

A few reasons why financial statement audits are necessary:

  • Most of the authorities in the UAE will ask you for audited financial statements for the purpose of renewing the licenses.
  • Most of the banks in the UAE will ask for audited financial statements to study the possibility of approving the bank facilities required by your company.
  • Main suppliers in the UAE will ask you for audited financial statements to study the possibility of approving the credit facilities required by your company.
  • Audited financial statements are mandatory according to commercial companies’ federal law no. (8) of (1984) for Public-joint Stock, Private-joint Stock, and Limited Liability Companies.
  • Audited financial statements provide a high level of assurance that the financial statements follow the (IASs) and the (IFRSs).

Averyx Group can help you get the most of the audit by providing the customized auditing plan aligned with the client’s needs. The company’s business structure and diverse areas of focus expedite the preparation of a customized auditing plan. This process will help us provide:

  • Effective and efficient focused auditing approach – highlighting only the genuine risks where financial statements are exposed while saving resources in other areas.
  • Added value for the client – analyzing and examining the business processes and risk and control enables the audit team to spot both weaknesses and possibilities for continuous improvement in the various divisions which add value for the client.
  • Quality Control – unparalleled report and presentation of the financial statement accurately reflect the business financial positing and the results of its business operations
  • Reliable information – rigorous professional examination of the business processes can extract only the most reliable information that can help the improvement of the business in their field of expertise. We guarantee to provide the highest standard of services in the industry and more importantly the most reliable and accurate data of financial statements that will enable your business to know your financial standing which gives you the business decision powers.


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