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Internal Audit Service is an objective assurance,
consultation activity of an independent entity.
The primary purpose is to add value and
improve organization’s operations.

What Is Internal


Internal audit helps business to achieve its objectives and vision by carrying out a meticulous and disciplined approach to evaluate and develop the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

Internal Auditing is an activity performed by an internal auditor that will help businesses to meet the management requirements of information.

A successful business distinguished that an internal audit service can make a powerful and positive contribution to the management of risk and the smooth operation of the business. Our internal audit team of professionals can work with you to understand the different aspects of your business and its strategies.

This will give you the overview of the appropriate strategies that could help improve your business and to continue to experience growth in the process framework. Your partners will benefit from experienced independent professional evaluations for your internal audit and highlight the effectiveness of the control environment within your organization.

Our internal audit services will help you identify areas of improvement, identify solutions and achieve your objectives.

Averyx can give you a wide array of services which includes:

  • Quantify the effectiveness of your practices and processes against propose procedures and make solutions
  • Reduce data breaches and other cybersecurity concerns risks
  • High protection to your internal network
  • Check up-to-date on governmental regulations to ensure compliance
  • Implement an effective and secure internal control environment
  • Assess the key structures and dynamics required for effective governance
  • Assist with change management and business awareness procedures
  • Advise management to develop in maintaining and enhancing the control in the environment
  • Evaluate the operational strategies and risk performance measures to reach the desired business goals
  • Find deviations from Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and to get a proper and accurate suggestion for improvement of the company
  • Bridge the gaps by strengthening the internal controls and accomplish organizational objectives and vision
  • Evaluation of the risk involved
  • Evaluate the performance of different processes and manage the risk effectively
  • Verify plans and sound business requirements

If you lack any of the above mentioned, you need help in refining your approach. Averyx will give you the services that can improve the quality of your working environment and ensure that every risk is identified and monitored effectively and efficiently.

This will give you the outline of the framework that works best for your business. Averyx internal audit team of expert professional will provide huge range of additional benefits that will improve the quality and effectiveness of your working environment.


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