International Tax

We are registered tax agents in other countries, including Australia and UAE
with a professional team of Tax Consultants that can provide
comprehensive and tailored solutions to any of your VAT and tax concerns.

International Tax

Services in UAE

Averyx Group has an extensive competitive advantage in the taxation area, both UAE and international tax law. One of which is the fact that our very own, Mr. Jadd Shalak is one of the first few Registered Tax Agents in the UAE and has over twenty years of experience in the areas of taxation.

Furthermore, our team of tax experts has a wealth of experiences in the areas of international tax law including Australian and UK taxation law as well as UAE VAT and excise duty.

Averyx Group has a team of experts located around the world which is vital in creating a database of knowledge on which to be used as an advantage on giving tax advice specific to any business. Countries around the world have a different approach when it comes to tax. Averyx Group uses its advantage to create the most effective and efficient advice.

  • Tax Consultation
  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Tax Forecasting and Tax savings

UAE Taxation Expertise

Our team of tax experts has extensive experience in the areas of taxation both in Australian and UK taxation law as well as UAE VAT and Excise tax. We have completed all requirements by the FTA and is recognized as one of the first few registered tax agents.

Australian Taxation Expertise includes:

Some of our consultants are registered tax agents in Australia and can provide detailed advice regarding various matters including:

  • International Tax Advice
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Tax
  • Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Technical Tax Inquiries
  • Australian Tax Residency

Here are the benefits of UAE Tax Agent:

Saves you time and money

Involving in the tax affairs of the company consumes a lot of time and effort. A dedicated Tax Agent helps you save time and money and it assists your company from start to finish – VAT registration, VAT planning, VAT advisory, VAT implementation to regular VAT compliance.

It consumes your time and money in dealing with tax undertakings. Having a Tax agent will guarantee you more time in focusing on your business while assuring you of quality services from his expertise and efficiency.

Assist from registration to compliance

Businesses need the knowledge and expertise of a Tax Agent to perform effectively and efficiently. The rigorous process of tax activities needs a committed effort to ensure all documents are filed. VAT implementation requires understanding the business procedures and transactions fully. Tax Agent represent the company legally and in accordance with the Federal Tax Authority regulations.

Serves as a long-term advisor

Tax Agents will guide your company in following the regulations effectively and efficiently. It will create solutions and the best way to assist you in your tax activities of your businesses. You can gain seamless communication of the updated government policies, tax modification and other tax-related updates from the Federal Tax Authority.

Helps in filing returns accurately and in timely manner

Tax Agents will prompt companies in complying their obligations as a tax-registered business in a timely manner. A scheduled tax return filing activities, monitoring and checking will be handled to avoid any penalties and fines. A tax agent will assist you in filing returns on time.

Supports in tax assessment and tax representations

A Tax agent is in charge of a client’s tax obligations and performs legal activities prescribed by the law effectively. Tax duties are not the end of the tax agent’s responsibility. It goes beyond the tax assessments and tax representations before the Federal tax authorities. Tax agents would help formalities for the taxpayers and lift the burden of any tax activities.

Hiring a tax agent will give you more benefit and assurance that your company is being handled effectively and efficiently while saving you time, effort and money.


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