VAT De-Registration

Are you having difficulty in VAT deregistration? We at Averyx Group
are engaged in offering VAT deregistration services as well as providing
you step by step guides on what is required for effective de-registration.
VAT De-registration is a method of withdrawing the company from a collection of VAT,
either on a voluntary or compulsory basis.

How to do VAT De-Registration

In The UAE

Our team has been the first out of the few registered tax agents in UAE. Giving only high-quality VAT Deregistration services that will give you effective and efficient results of the entire process.

Here at Averyx Group, we handle the entire VAT deregistration process hassle-free. You are guarantee that your company will be handled by our highly experienced TAX registered agents. VAT deregistration is a complex process that needs utmost attention and meticulous undertakings.

Mandatory VAT De-Registration

Our team of esteemed tax registered professionals can help you deal with VAT Deregistration which can be applied for the following conditions:

  • Stops dealing in taxable goods and services or
  • Taxable supplies or expenses do not exceed the voluntary registration threshold (i.e. AED 187, 500) for the previous 12 months or the future 30 days

Averyx Group will help you prepare all the documents for the VAT deregistration process and prioritized timely submission to avoid any penalties and fines. Our team prioritizes all the necessary details that are needed to be approved for deregistration. This process needs a thorough understanding that only our experienced registered tax agents have been doing for the past years.

Averyx Group will help you apply for VAT De-Registration

Averyx Group can help you evaluate, prepare documents, and apply for VAT deregistration, it is an online procedure and it can be easily accessible through the Federal Tax Authority portal. However, a business that has declared closure must have a company liquidation letter from the authorities to process an application for VAT Deregistration. Averyx Group is focused on delivering high-quality services for all the VAT registered businesses. We ensure that all process from start to zero is handled well promptly. We provide an effective and efficient VAT Deregistration process to avoid any penalties and ensure excellent processing time.

Our team will process the following on behalf of you:

  • Access Federal Tax Authority (FTA) online portal
  • Completion of accurate information for VAT Deregistration form
  • Send the VAT Deregistration form to the authorities

Why choose Avery Group VAT De-Registration Services

Our comprehensive services are headed by the Averyx team of registered TAX Agents by the Federal Tax Authority. Our team will assist you in the complex process of VAT Deregistration in UAE. You are guaranteed that our services will help you avoid unnecessary fines and penalties, as we have a team of experienced and registered tax agents that will handle the VAT deregistration process effectively and efficiently on time.

If you want to get high-quality VAT deregistration services and reliable tax partner for your business, choose the Averyx team of experienced tax registered agents and you are guaranteed a hassle-free process.


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