VAT Implementation
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Since the Value-added Tax (VAT) implementation started from January 1, 2018, in the UAE,
almost all businesses are now subject to its effect. VAT is a consumption-based
tax (charged to the buyer and eventual user of the service) it is the duty of the business
entity to collect and remit the tax to the government.

VAT Implementation And

Consultation Services in UAE

UAE is still new to the process of VAT implementation and is highly recommended to seek professional help regarding implementation and consultation in any business.

Value-added tax has a significant effect on operational costs and cash flows which accounting obligation, profitability, and VAT costs need to be analyzed correctly. AN effective IT system needs to be fully implemented and developed to ensure VAT compliance.

Averyx Group’s comprehensive services help any business to meet VAT compliance effectively and efficiently within a structured and planned timeline. Our team will help you assist in the evaluation and analyzing how we can improve the VAT system.

A detailed review will be executed to assist clients in the VAT & Excise implementation process. The process will be divided into different phase as follows:

Plan and review

Detailed planning, VAT process design will be initiated along with new structure, VAT training for internal management

Evaluate Impact

The effect in the operational cost and cash flow will be evaluated and drafted with consideration on the accounting obligation, profitability and VAT costs


Sample testing will be initiated on the projects to ensure all system is working, review system from VAT perspective and develop trial run VAT report if any non-compliance issue is found

Post-implementation Assistance

Cross-check on the effectiveness and effectivity of the system will be executed and create sample transactions to highlight the VAT compliance of the system

Averyx Group has been serving high quality and professional services to business entities in dealing with their accounting and taxation issues and other related business matters.

Our consultancy comprehensive services have helped businesses focus on their business growth while our team of certified Tax Agent handled all tax-related matters to ensure the business is compliant with the VAT provisions stipulated by the law.

Averyx Group will ensure a certain level of transparency and convenience in the VAT process, you are guaranteed that all areas are given utmost importance, and you are provided with superior and swift services. Averyx Group will contribute to your business growth while giving customized and hassle-free services, accounting practices, using technology to improve compliance quality while reducing your cost.


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